Friday, October 12, 2012

Mantle improvement - yes / no?

So we moved from a large condo into a small house and a lot of my stuff has been tucked away unused - but all that storage space is precious and I'm determined to use it all somewhere.  What do you think of this change - did I improve the mantle? I think so...

Is it too terrible that we just threw al the stuff onto the mantle vs. hanging? This lets me change my mind more easily.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Help choosing colour for a dresser?

Check out this dresser we picked up at the last Christie antique show.  Its 40 wide by 36 tall - a good size.  I think with a better paint job and the hardware cleaned up (they paitned it white!) it could look phenomenal. I don't know if you can see the lovely detail on the legs and in the middle at the top.
Dresser to be painted

But what colour should we paint it? Most of the painted french antique dressser pics online are white or cream.  I was thinking a grey could be nice or maybe just the white.

The dilemmna is we haven't painted the room the dresser is going in - its currently cream but may go to a light blue like the rest of the house (like the walls in this room.)

PS - the wood things on the table are the 'arms' to hold the mirror that came with the dresser - you can see the mirror peeking out at the bottom left corner of the pic.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A small kitchen update

Can you spot the difference in the picture below (besides the camera angle)?

Yup - at the Spring Christie antique show we picked up a new cut glass window in an old frame.  I like it because I always wanted a stained glass window buthave trouble committing to stained glass colours.  I think this ( ) is the website for the vendor (its not great) but I'm not 100%.

Here's a close-up:

One thing we love about the window is that on sunny days we get bits of rainbows on the kitchen floor.  That makes me happy.

Have a great day.