Monday, September 17, 2012

Kitchen update (power of paint again)

So this is an update performed just before we moved in - painting the kitchen. Everyone in the blog world seems to have done it so I' not going to post instructions - just pictures.  I'm also not going to post instructions because I didn't do it myself :) I started (with the side of the cupboard in the the lower left hand of 1st pic) but realized it would take forever and I was traveling heavily at the time so we had most of the cabinets professionally spray painted.

The before (which I hated - seriously blue lowers?)

As you can see we had tons of cabinets as the light wood cabinets in the office / mudroom can be seen from the kitchen.

Without further ado the after - sorry for the quality. My camera isn't very good.

Oh and notice in addition to the new color the light fixture over the sink.  There used to be a potlight there before. 

I was going to go with dark lowers and light uppers originally but so glad that I was advised against it during a color consult my agent organized for me. It was with Lesley Till @ Design In Sight who gave amazing advice.  She said with my dark floors and dark backsplash I should avoid the dark lowers.

What colour did we use? Benjamin Moore Wickham Grey.

Friday, September 14, 2012

First time painting furniture

So we accomplished the below on the August long weekend and here I am posting a month and a half later - yes I am ashamed of myself but I'm not going to beat myself up too much.

So when we moved in we found that the owners had taken the powder room mirror with them - it wasn't an exclusion so I didn't think it was cool but I wasn't going to pay them the $100 they wanted to return it. Instead I just put up an old mirror that I owned despite the fact that it it didn't fit in.  But the internet inspired me to paint it and without further ado here is the before and after:
Before and After
 So I'll admit its not as perfect up close. I can still see the reflection of the black underside of the frame in the mirror but it matters not - I'm proud of my thriftiness in reusing an existing mirror. To be honest I even like it better than he fancier mirror that the previous owners had - see below. I think my painted mirror has more presence and doesn't disappear into the busy wallpaper.  Would you agree?

Prior owner's mirror on left and mine on right