Monday, September 17, 2012

Kitchen update (power of paint again)

So this is an update performed just before we moved in - painting the kitchen. Everyone in the blog world seems to have done it so I' not going to post instructions - just pictures.  I'm also not going to post instructions because I didn't do it myself :) I started (with the side of the cupboard in the the lower left hand of 1st pic) but realized it would take forever and I was traveling heavily at the time so we had most of the cabinets professionally spray painted.

The before (which I hated - seriously blue lowers?)

As you can see we had tons of cabinets as the light wood cabinets in the office / mudroom can be seen from the kitchen.

Without further ado the after - sorry for the quality. My camera isn't very good.

Oh and notice in addition to the new color the light fixture over the sink.  There used to be a potlight there before. 

I was going to go with dark lowers and light uppers originally but so glad that I was advised against it during a color consult my agent organized for me. It was with Lesley Till @ Design In Sight who gave amazing advice.  She said with my dark floors and dark backsplash I should avoid the dark lowers.

What colour did we use? Benjamin Moore Wickham Grey.

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