Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bathroom Update + Giveaway!

So I dropped by the house today and it is looking good.  In my last post I expressed Bathroom Worries. Well no more. With grout the tiles look so much better and the ming green marble is looking cool - to me at least. My key worry now is how to take good pictures for you given the space is so small. I couldn't take pics today because there was too much construction stuff all around. The showstopper so far is the paint - its so amazingly beautiful but so hard to see in pics.  Here's the cleanest shot I could get today. Its the hall bath (yes Hubs chose a floating vanity) painted in BM Whirlpool - see the ceiling corner to get a sense of Whirlpool color.

Main reason for posting though is the National Home Show. I bought tix the day after I bought the house but just got 2 tix as a gift.  The show is in downtown TO from Mar 16 to 25th.  Anyone want? Gotta be a follower (yes I'm trying to build a cult) and leave me a comment - I'll do some fancy random number thing to pick the winner (yes I'm hoping there's more than two of you!). Sorry tix gone. My contractor wanted them!

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