Monday, April 2, 2012

Back with pics

Sorry I've been away for so long. I don't know if I mentioned but I travel for work so in the two weeks since I posted last I've been in 4 different US cities + Toronto. And we moved which was crazy because we had to pack over half our house in a day. And we unpacked all the main things so the house is at least half done.

But enough excuses - I just wanted to share what is probably my favourite room (bathrooms excluded!).

Its our current family room - the prior owners used this large bedroom for the same purpose. Here is the before from the listing. I hated the color on the walls - we called it baby diarrhea and it was high on the to-paint priority list.

Before - from prior owners - family room
And here's where we are now:

My favorite part is the rug - we picked it up at the Christie's antique show last year. It doesn't have a lot of red in but there's enough to tie into the accent wall. The rug is an odd size 7x10 which I didn't realize when I bought it. I also love how its one of the few traditional elements in the room but looks good (to me) paired with the modern ottoman, daybed and art.

Btw if you like the daybed / sofa it can sleep 3 when opened out.  Its from Design Within Reach.  As are the two standing lamps near the TV.

As for paint its F&B Borrowed Light for the blue and F&B Incarnadine forthe accent wall. We did colour match with Benjamin Moore but I hink it was a good match.

What's next for this space? I'm open to suggestions but I think the side tables need changing /  upgrading.  I'm not sure what look I need instead but I'm hoping it will just strike me - perhaps at the next Christie's show.  I also think I need to change the pillows and throw to a red and white scheme but I'm afraid to be too matchy.

More soon :)

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