Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Master bedroom post-move-in

So the next few days will be a short series of what the place looks like now - post renovation and moving in with my possessions.  We already did the family room which I absolutely love.  Today is the master bedroom. Its nice but I can't claim love.

First the before - this is with the prior owner's possessions and a professional fish eye lens or something. I am really envious of the panoramic shots they take for real estate listings. I hated the wall colour.  I love brown in furniture and even more so in chocolate but on the walls it looked like poo in this room - no offense intended for people who like the colour.

So we did two things:
1) the room is now 2ft narrower because of the bathroom reno we did. The before was 13ft and the after is 11ft
2) We painted the room F&B Skylight
We didn't mess with the closets so no new pics of those
Excuse my husband's bed making abilities and the tattered blanket - its so hard to find a decent priced washable blanket!

After painting + moving in with my stuff 01

See the en suite door!
The room is quite serene now - good for sleeping. But I think I'm bored.  I have had that headboard for years and years.  It was cheap because it was a mistake - not queen and not king either.  But its so blah and a bit too beige.  So I think I need to Craigslist it and get a new upholstered headboard in a cheery fabric. And maybe curtain panels.  Doing these two things will make me happy. but alas I have put myself on a spending moratorium.

The bench at the foot of the bed is my favorite thing in the room.  Its a Christie's antique show find and I can't tell if its really old or just 20 years old. So I can't decide if I should repaint the legs to freshen it up or leave it looking battered.

That's it for this room - I think next will be the dining room.


  1. Wow looks great! I love the colour and your bed is fantastic! So when will we see bathroom pics!?

  2. The bathroom pics are ready and waiting - but no mirrors yet. Following in your footsteps Janice :)

  3. I can't wait to see! Send me an email!