Monday, June 4, 2012

While others were at Blogpodium - Part 1

So May 26th was Blogpodium and almost every blogger I follow was there. But I was elsewhere on a mission - the Christie Antique Show.  Hubs and I had decided that we needed a kitchen table so we rented a cargo van and made our way there early in the am - left home at 6:30am because the show opened at 8am. Well too much traffic (and a stop at MickeyDs) made us a little late but we made it there by 8:30am and ran around every stall looking at tables only.

We couldn't find the 5ft long 30in wide table we wanted but then we saw this one - its 6ft long and it was so handsome. We debated it a little but then decided we had to make the leap and now we have a kitchen table. Yay!

That wallpaper isn't me but it was FandB so I was reluctant to remove it when we moved in.  I'm increasingly thinking I need to.

The table is circa 1900 and has been restored which is fine by me because while I have dreams of being the blogger who paints all her furniture the reality is I never have time + am fairly lazy.  Se how the end bits are thinner are than the main? That's because the restorers built in storage! Cool huh?

Next step is finding chairs. We are currently surfing online!

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