Wednesday, June 6, 2012

While others were at Blogpodium - Part 2

So in my last post I told you about my recent shopping trip to the Christie Antique Show and my lovely kitchen table. I've been to the show in the past and picked up some cool stuff - the best of which is the carpet in my family room.  I love it because its a Persian with very little red but its not dark either - here's a close-up:

So once I had my kitchen table paid for I couldn't resist looking up the carpet guy. "Do you have any Persians with very little red under 5ft wide?"  "Yes - here you go and check out the quality. I'll give you a great deal on it."
Then overcome from the heat and carried away by the price I bought it. What do you think?

Overall I like it - its soft as silk - truly good quality. But I do wish I'd looked at it a little more closely. I'm not too fond of the two buildings (mosques?) in the middle.  Hubs likes it he says - he says the room needed some darkening. They say you win some and you lose some - but what about when you just can't decide?

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