Monday, February 20, 2012

Backsplash challenge - Ensuite (updated)

So the current dilemma is a backsplash for my vanity. I struggled a lot with the decision because I wanted a vanity made from a dresser like this:
via An Oregon Cottage
But my wish list was too long (white or cream; with legs; deep drawers; 36 inch wide; 22 inches deep) and time is too short so Hubs said I had to be practical and buy a pre-made one.

So this is the one we just purchased- it meets all the specs -the two drawers on the bottom are really one deep one:

 But I got a simple ceramic top because on the floors we want a 1x1 milky white marble tiles (which is white with light cream veining) and the manufacturer of the vanity only offers white marble (which has tons on grey veining). Here's the top we get:

The ceramic countertop we are getting standard with the vanity - minor lip but no built-in backsplash

Here's the challenge:
  • I think a backsplash is good for protecting my wall.
  • However, I definitely don't want to tile the whole wall because I want wainscoting
  • I also don't want to have a two-row tile backsplash that just is behind the vanity. Since the vanity is floating in the middle of the room I think that'll look odd
So are  my only choices no backsplash or a custom counter with built-in backsplash? I have like no time to change my order if I go with the latter. Also its supposedly hard to find milky white countertops according to this shower enclosure person i spoke to but I don't believe him,

Hubs thinks I should do this:


 My reaction was "What!"  but of course he meant with my milky white marble tile between the moulding.  I'm still not sold.  I was hoping for something simpler. The other suggestion was a mirror that started at the vanity and went all the way to the ceiling and acts as a backsplash.

Other ideas are something like this:
Both are sensational but I have a lovely tile I'm going to use on the floor as a carpet (inside the milky white 1x1 marble) so I don't see myself going with another pretty tile as it may distract

Any ideas? I have a sense we are going to end up with no backsplash at this rate and maybe that's fine - right?


  1. Hmm...I don't think a backsplash is necessary because it has one (the 'lip' of material at the back). However, style wise, if you wanted a backsplash, wouldn't you have to do one all the way around (is that your plan?). It would look funny to have just a few inches of tile up behind a single vanity.

    Just my opinion :-) However - if you wanted to go nuts, do something like this:


    1. Hey Janice - I'll edit the pic above, its misleading but the only one I have - my vanity doesn't have the lip above. I agree a few inches of tile up behind a single vanity is not the look i want.

      So the real q here is if I change my order from the ceramic top and try to organize a custom marble top with a lip