Thursday, February 23, 2012

Liebster Blog Love

So last week Pam @ Cherish Toronto chose me as a recipient of the Liebster Blog Award. I was super duper pleased. Barely 1 month into writing the blog I certainly didn't expect one yet though I do check my follower count everyday. There are several awards like the Liebster - they are meant to recognize bloggers you read and promote readership. The Liebster works as follows:

Prerequisite: A Liebster gets awarded to a blogger with under 200 followers
  1. The recipient must mention who gave him/her the award
  2. The recipient then passes it onto 5 worth blogs also with under 200 followers and inform them
  3. The recipient tells readers five things so readers get to know them better
1 - Awarded by
So I've already mentioned that Pam @ Cherish Toronto gave me the Liebster. I started reading Pam maybe two weeks ago. She seems to have a love of bamboo furniture and is much more well rounded than I.  You'll get Toronto coverage, design coverage and she seems to have the best luck finding deals.

2 - Pass it forward
So here are two challenges with passing it forward: (a) what if a blog you follow doesn't list their follower count? Do you guess? and (b) what if that blog just got a Liebster? Is it okay to give them a second? Well I'll do my best:
  1. InteriorGroupie - Heather's in the middle of a kitchen reno and just got given a Liebster from Money Pit Love. Well now she has two :)
  2. The Bennett House - This one's going to be interesting cos Keira's scope is big. Shes practically tearing her house down and rebuilding. I'm hoping she does some posts about the permit process
  3. 365 Small Details - such beautiful pictures
  4. A Tree Lined Street - Also recently got a Liebster. Cate's bathroom reno is fantastic and look at her gorgeous vanity
  5. A Home in the Making - No bathroom reno photos but I love her style.  Check out her hallways.  I wonder if Hubs will let me?
While i was passing it forward I updated my blog roll on the right so feel free to have a look.

3 -Five random/Interesting things about me
So these are supposed to be random things about me but I just started the blog and thought I'd mix up random and important things about me.

1) Two years ago I lost 100lbs. I'm very very proud of it. But alas I'm struggling with my weight now - have gained back 20 lbs and between the house and the travel I'm having trouble even starting the weight loss process again. The goal is to lose 15 lbs. Wish me discipline

2) My 2nd greatest accomplishment (see above for the first) was hiking 150km in 10 days around Mont Blanc. There was a lot of climbing up and down mountains - not something I'd done in the past.

3) I don't start small. My first time camping ever was in under zero degree weather halfway up a ginormous mountain on the way to Macchu Picchu

That covers all the main things I think - we'll save relationship and work for another time :)

4) So here goes the random - I love swings.  My favorite thing is to find a playground without kids (I feel embarrassed when they are there). Hubs always pushes me :) Don't you love this pic? I think I'm going to use it for the blog

5) I have a very large collection of Fluevogs. Between Hubs and I we are mini-Marcos on the shoe front. Here are some of the shoes in my collection:

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day.

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  1. Wow! Thanks Ava! I will do a post about the permits as well, since you're interested. I'm a little behind on the blog this week because I've been sick with a flu bug but will hopefully be up and running soon. Love your Fluevog collection! Those are some pretty cool shoes! I especially like the pink ones.