Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Liebster Love + Eye Candy 003

That was me last week when I saw that Pam over at Cherish Toronto picked lil old me as a Liebster Award receipient.  So there are rules to obey when you receive one of these but I'm going to have to give it a little thought - its like an Oscar speech...I'll have to write mine.

Meanwhile here's the final in my series of photos when I was home shopping in LA - especially for Pam who is going there in March.

You may have seen mention of Rejuvenation in Canadian House & Home magazine.  Its a reproduction lighting and hardware store with absolutely beautiful goods.  In LA the store is in the 'Helms Bakery District' which is a home store district. They have plenty of pretty stores there including Room & Board.  However I spent so much time (3 hours) in Rejuvenation I never made it to the other stores.

I have a penchant for taking slanty photos

Later, I am so changing out the hardware in the house

We really wanted one of these fancy doorbells but the chimes you need to buy are way too bulky looking
For better pictures go to the House & Home blogs - Decorating Finds - Jan 19, 2012 (sorry no easy way to link) or better yet check out the store's website.  I'm off to it right now to find pics of what we bought to share - tomorrow :)

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