Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bathroom lighting fixtures

We have established that I'm impulsive right?  So yes I bought my bathroom lights while I was in LA - I wanted something period to maintain a little of the house's character so Rejuvenation seemed perfect for that.

Oh and did I tell you that I let Hubs choose his own light fixture. In fact I've been an angelic wife and have let him make all the decisions on the hall bathroom while i made all the decisions on the en suite. Yes - those of you who know me are really in shock (he is too) - but it was only fair!

Btw Rejuvenation lets you choose the finish and mix and match shades so the following are digital images from their site.  Also, I was not paid in any way for this or prior posts.

Hall bathroom fixture - chosen by hubs

En suite light fixture chosen by moi
Btw - they are both the same width approximately - just odd sized pictures...

Oh and story learnt from light shopping - always measure out any plan.  We went into the store with a crazy plan to get sconces. Then it occurred to me to try to visualize what two sconces would look like above a 36 inch vanity and realized I was left with a 18 inch mirror.  Now I've attached a mini measuring tape to my key chain :)


  1. Very nice light fixtures! They have the same sort of shape, just different details so it will carry nicely from one bathroom to another.

  2. Well, they look pretty great. It will definitely fit well into many different designs. And as for the shopping plans, I've been there. Haha. It's really better to have a plan before going out to buy something, as we most guys don't have one. That's why girls are better shoppers than guys. :)
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    1. Thanks William & Heather :)

      Both my husband and I are fairly impulsive but hopefully these lights will work just fine.

  3. And there are many of it out there that are good but not great. And once in a while you find a great lighting fixture that you just cannot not have, this is one of it. Your bathroom designs are tremendously helpful to me, it gave me new ideas and insights on how to work on different places.