Saturday, February 25, 2012

Building Rome, deadlines and stools

So everyone says Rome wasn't built in a day - take it slow Ava. But what if Rome had a housewarming deadline and an all over the place architect?

Cut to the chase. We move at the end of the March and Hubs has scheduled a housewarming for the Easter long weekend. This is his way of forcing me to action because o/w I'll procrastinate. Hey I'm procrastinating right now writing blog posts instead of packing.

So parties need seating which makes me think of this bench and stool that I bought at a Dundas antique show. Both are stored in my mother-in-laws basement right now.

Wouldn't it be cool to recover the stool at minimum? I don't know if have time for a DIY though (my first!) - so get an upholsterer?

I was thinking of the following fabrics from Tonic Living for the stool:

From top left clockwise: Theo citrine; Joy Fiesta, Gate citrine, Emilio Licorice

 What do you think? The stool is small - 12 inch diameter so the fabric has to have a small repeat. Blue is my favorite colour but the walls are blue so I think the stool has to be another colour I like - yellow or green or maybe black?  But which colour will look good with the wood of the stool?

K - take it easy - I know Rome wasn't built in a day. But I'm certainly going to try :)


  1. Happy I made my way over here. I also love the fabrics over at Tonic Living. They're so fresh and affordable. Good luck with the move - we downsized a few weeks ago and it's still a hot mess of boxes over here!

    1. Thanks Kim - love your blog. Hopefully I get the samples today / tomorrow. Can't wait!
      Love your blog btw