Monday, February 6, 2012

Did I say I was indecisive?

So in my last bathroom update I announced we were going with the following 2 bathroom layout:
En suite = big shower + little vanity
Then the contractor suggested I shorten the shower in the en suite since it was a lot of wasted shower space:

En suite = little shower + little vanity
That got me playing in floorplanner and I came up with this:

En suite = little shower + big vanity
 Now I've already gotten quotes on the first pic and the latest plan is bound to be a little more expensive for the contractor and for me (bigger vanity) but it is the best one so far isn't it?  What would you pick?  Is there some configuration I haven't considered? How about this?

En suite = little shower + little vanity + space for laundry
 Needless to say hubs is not happy with me still pondering design when we hope to start in 10 days and need to start buying tiles / ordering vanity etc.


  1. Don't kill me...but my preference is option #1. I think the wall to wall shower will be GORGEOUS and having extra space in a shower is always nice - especially if you ever want to shower with more than one person (cheeky!) or wash the dog or something. For the extra you spend on tile, you could save on frameless glass - you could do a one panel of glass like this: which would be way cheaper than the two sided, with a door option.

    I also like the idea of opening the door from your bedroom and seeing the vanity/mirror. Option 3 has you opening it onto nothing.

    Just my two cents - my contractor often gave me 'design' advice and um...well...I rarely took it because he is not a designer! haha

    1. LOL I can't kill you - you are one of my inspiration blogs. My husband rolls his eyes everytime i say "but Life did that in her washroom" (Sorry he hasn't learnt your name).

      I know what you are saying re the mirror but I was thinkig I could alway put a stand-up mirror across from the door?

      Btw you were so lucky to get to Carol to do edesign. She's not really doing that right now. I'm getting help from one of our fellow bloggers hopefully - if she has time. With reno starting on Feb 14th we are on a compressed schedule!

      PS - guess which contractor I chose :)

  2. Yeah I've heard that she isn't doing e-design right now. She is doing a HUGE reno in NYC so maybe that's why. Looks like you've got it under control anyways :-)

    What contractor did you choose?

    1. Contractor chosen = Life Begins @ thirty. Thanks for the recommendation