Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom update

So been a little busy with work but minor update: hubs is totally in on the 2 washroom plan but now we just have to get contractors speeded up. Reminder - here is the plan - this one shows the bedroom and the 2 foot extension into it.

Ideal floor plan for bathroom reno

Remember we have to get the chimney out first to do all of this. Well the HVAC guy  is set to come in mid-Feb. Once we get a new boiler that doesn't vent into the chimney, we have to get the masonry guy to come and take down the chimney and then a roofer to fix the hole in the roof. Phew.

In another news check this out:

Hubs and I just registered for a Flash Mob! Crazy huh! Want to join us?

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