Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beginning of the road!

WooHoo! So first off I've wanted to start this blog for over a month. Since we bought the house. But it took me this long to think of a blog name that was us. You should have seen the doozeys I contemplated but here we are with a name that is us! And a house that is us too.

It was a long road to this place. We first tried to buy a house in 2008 but after a year of hunting and 6 failed offers we gave up and settled for a nice easy to buy, easy to maintain condo. This year I got bored - yes as my colleagues will tell you big things end up happening when I get bored - and we went house hunting again. Four months and 2 failed offers later we found IT. Well actually we'd seen it once before but it was out of our price range and we thought it was overpriced (isn't everything?). Well turns out it was overpriced because we got it for below asking after the 2nd price drop - Yay!

So is it a fixer-upper? My two blog crushes are Jennifer from Rambling Renovators and Janice from Life begins at thirty right? and I do sort of wish I could renovate to the extent they did. But no we bought a technically turnkey house. Note the caveat! Its fine for now but I seriously intend changes and you'll hear more in upcoming posts - with pics!

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