Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So since I don't love the colours of our current walls, hubs has offered to paint the house for me. I want a serene look that opens up the space so a light neutral. Now I don't seem to like any colour but blue (I do try) but am worried about being too cheery blue vs. "i'm light and bright but sophisticated" so we've bought samples of all the colours below. If you have colour suggestions do please let me know!

Source all pics: F&B website
(note all colors are F&B but we likely colour match):

Upstairs hallway and mudroom (ie darker spaces): Borrowed Light

Living room, dining, room, entry way and front bedroom (ie lighter spaces) : Skylight

Master Bedroom (going for darker): Parma Gray

Found some of the above colours painted online and they seem to be on the right track:

Borrowed Light
Source: Forum

Souce: Forum
Parma Gray (seems the least likely to be what I want so far although I'm looking for a darker blue-grey since this is for the master bedroom)

Source: Photobucket


  1. Love the skylight colour! It will look great...

    1. It is lovely in the picture isn't it + the staging and professional photography don't hurt. One think I have learnt recently is that i'm going to have to introduce more yellow into my space.