Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Call for help

I just discovered and can finally ask for your help on a burning topic - layout of renovated bathroom:

Here's what we have now:

 I could just do a Bathroom Replacement and not change the layout but we all know that I'd be resenting that chimney for the rest of my life if Idid that! So the chimney really should go - I've priced it out and its expensive but the future resentment is more expensive!!!

So here's my ideal layout:

 This gives me a large vanity + I don't have to see the toilet when I walk in.  I could even add a door to the right hand wall and make this an 'ensuite'. 
But the contractor does not want to move the toilet and is going on about how we will have to drop the ceilings in the rooms below which is not ideal. Hubs agrees with him. "Don't mess with the poop" is his stance.

So here's what the contractor wants to do:

 So I wil still see the toilet when I walk in. I get a smaller vanity and we probably won't be able to have sconces with that evil stack there. He says I can have my ensuite door if I want. Btw realized via the 3d feature in floorplanner that I don't like the wall near the entrance but we can make that a 1/2 wall

A friend suggested the following:


It gives me a bigger shower than contractor's plan but I don' think that it will be easy / fun to use the tub. Also no 'ensuite' option.
And finally there is the compromise - should I leave the chimney and do this:

 To me it feels a little cramped and has no real storage room but I do like that the chimney feels a little less obvious with the T-layout

 This is the only washroom on the floor so another option is to try something drastic like taking space from the master (its 13x13) and creating 2 washrooms. I don't mind a small ensuite and it'll save me putting an addition on the house (in my dreams!) to get one.


Do you have other suggestions I can model?
I haven't yet figured out how to setup voting...and don't think I have enough readers yet :) please leave me a comment.
  1. Simple Replacement
  2. Ideal
  3. Contractor
  4. Friend
  5. Compromise
  6. Radical
  7. You suggest a different layout
Thanks in advance

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