Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Ramblings

So I'll admit I'm still finding my groove on this blog thing. Writing daily requires thinking of topics - gasp I need to be creative! But I just know I'll be a lapsed diarist if I don't write daily.

So I'm curious - for those of you who read other home reno blogs - do you look at your husband and say "why can't you do that?"  I know I'm a terrible wife - and its not like I'm handy but I do expect hubs to be! But look at these people: over at Young House Love they just hung their own range hood.  At First Time Fancy they are doing their own washroom. Oh well accept and be mildly envious but generally resigned.

Speaking of mild envy, over at Life Begins at Thirty Right! Janice is going to be on Sarah Richardson's show! Now certainly LBTR may be my blog crush but Sarah Richardson - when I met her 2 years ago I was like a starstruck stranger who couldn't say anything. I'll be watching the show with my eyes peeled for Janice's home.

Much as I love Sarah I won't be going to the Women of Influence luncheon where she'll be speaking - not unless its free. I always find the talks at those things so much fluff.

And finally what's a blog without pretty pictures. Have you seen the New Ravenna Mosaic line? I warn you they are very pretty but very expensive. Have fun checking them out.

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