Friday, January 20, 2012

The before my befores (Part 1)

I mentioned in the last post that our house is pretty much turnkey - so its only fair for you to see what we saw when we bought - here are pics from the online house tour. Hubs doesn't want me to post these as some (but not all) of our furniture is not as nice as the previous owners. And our taste is different so he's concerned that the befores won't be as nice as the afters. So going forward the befores I'll use will be the empty room shots that hubs has yet to take. I think that's a much fairer comparison - but I also want to be honest here just this once I present the 'what we bought' look

Living Room - the walls look a lovely grey but they are really a F&B green

Dining Room - I love the ceiling height and the wide staircase. (Still want to repaint the green)

So, so far I clearly bought an old home right. Yes I love old homes. But here's where it becomes us - a mix of old and new. There's been two additions to this house in the past so leaving the dining room you now get a mud room/office, a powder room and a large eat-in kitchen.

A peek from the dining room into the addition
Powder room has F&B wallpaper that I like! They took the mirror so that needs to be replaced

Heads up - now moving into spaces that I'd like to change but don't need to.
Mud room / office - love the space and heated floor but not the laminate cupboards

The kitchen is ~11 years old and I like the space but not the design:
  • First are the blue cupboards. I HATE them.Those will go grey.
  • I'm not sure about painting the uppers. I don't like the laminate but they are so tall - will they look good painted - say white?
  • The black blackspash I don't love.
  • You can't se it but the counters are stainless steel and let's just say they have patina! Hubs says they remind him of his high school job at Taco Bell. He hates them.
  • Long term I'd like French doors instead of sliding doors
The bedrooms are up next and they are fine but need repainting. One thing about me: I hate brown. Its my least favourite colour. Guess what colours 2 of the 3 bedrooms are?

Master - its 13 by 13 and I love the closet space
Front bedroom - we'll use as family room for now too

So there you go - seems pretty turnkey right? Yes some work to do on the kitchen and I'll have to try hard making my real rooms look better than these staged ones but where 's the challenge? Well that will be Part 2 of course :)


  1. WOW - looks like a beautiful home. Definitely looks more turn key than my orange, green, and yellow sponge painted befores! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.