Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where we're coming from...

So one of the first things you think about as you buy a new home is "Will my dining table fit?...What should I put in this corner? etc." So here's a post on my current apartment so you can see where I'm coming from.

I'm feeling a touch lazy so most of these are photos from the listing (and unfortunately the condo is still for sale if you are interested.)

Living room
 Is the ottoman too modern for our century home?
The sofa is a little old now - 8 years and showing it but the bathroom reno takes precedence.
Sorry you can't see the dining table too well. The dining chairs are from Crate & Barrel - super comfy but a bit big and beige.  Now I want something with pretty upholstery.

You couldn't see it in the previous pic but here's our problem child.  A TV armoire from before large LCDs became the norm. We keep all our bags and backpacks in it these days but do we take it with us to the new home.  We paid a lot for it 8 years ago which I doubt we'll get back if we consign it but is that a reason to keep it?
The nesting side tables were a sale mistake - you know how it goes "its half price!" - so they'll go on Craigslist once we sell the condo.

The sofa is from DWR - one of those ones that can be used for guests. I think it'll be fine in the bedroom that will be used as a family room until we complete the basement.

The bedroom set will all fortunately fit -yay.  Don't have to  buy anything there for now.

So I have to admit this isn't everything. When we had to stage the place we had to take our carpets and knicks knacks out.  They finally get to come out of storage once we move which is TBD. Wish us luck with the condo sale!

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