Sunday, January 22, 2012

The before my befores (Part 2)

So a true giveaway with an online house tour is if they show 6 pictures each of the Living Room, Dining Room,kitchen and master but then only 1 picture of certain rooms. And I don't mean the little bedroom where you wouldn't need more than one picture. No I mean the bathroom and the basement. Here are those pics from the online house tour.

In the bathroom what you don't see are how:
 - overwhelming the blue tiles can be on the floor
 - that he formica (I think) countertop is more blue than grey
 - that the octagonal sink is pretty dated
 - that the washroom has an odd layout
And that last one is the most important. Its a really big room (9 x 9) with an awkward layout and so this is where my reno dreams get fulfilled.

And then there's the basement. This is why we got an our of our price range home in our price range. The basement is only ~6ft high and because there have been 2 additions to the house over time its broken into 3 room. So there is a basement dig down in our future (but maybe in a few years). Oh and don't be fooled by the basement pic here. The previous owners roughly finished 1/2 the basement on the cheap to sell and didn't even add electric heat.

So there you go - you've seen what i've gotten myself into.  The bathroom reno starts in a few weeks so that's all this blog is going to be about for the next little while.

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  1. That bathroom has SO MUCH space! I wish I could be so lucky, you've got lots of great space to work with.