Monday, January 23, 2012

Bathroom pics before renovation

Did I mention that a bathroom renovation is on the horizon - less than a month away. Here's some real before pics - i.e., not staged.

 Notice the octagonal sink.

I love storage space but not at the expense of aesthetics :)
And on the right you see the most painful part of this reno. A chimney that's been covered by drywall. The width of the wall is 9ft - give 2.5ft to a door and that leaves 6.5 ft. To then give 2 ft of that upto a chimney hurts. Next time a floor plan but here are more before pics

This is the view as you enter. There's the chimney on the right. Because of it the entrance is ~ 27 inches which is a few inches smaller than the standard doorway. That thing next to the toilet is electric heat. Turn it on when using the toilet and be prepared to be roasted!

On the same wall as the toilet is the tub. Its fine but like everything else here just a little dated and basic

There is a rather cool window betwen the toilet and the tub.

And then across from the tub is the vanity and the beloved chimney.

Here's a better shot of the blue tile :)

So if this was your washroom what would you change in the reno?
- New vanity?
- New floor?
- New tiles around the tub?

We have 2 options here:
- just a replace everthing in the same option
- remove the chimney and redesign the layout

The latter gives us a 9x9 box to play with:
- add a stand-up shower? but perhaps a smaller vanity
- have a 60 inch 2 sink vanity but no stand up shower

What do you think?

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