Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eye candy 001

So Hubs and I were in LA this past weekend (work thing) and so of course we indulged in tourism - retail tourism!

First stop: Kelly Wearstler's store. It was a bit of a disappointment to me only because the store's focus is clothing. But here are pics for your viewing pleasure:

The coolest thing for me was probably this dresser in the window:

Across the street from Kelly's store was this infinitely cool tile store (Check them out at Here are some general pics:
Bottom left - chevron is cool
Rather cool mosaic - if you're brave enough for colours

And here's what I really loved there: ONYX. Onyx is more beautiful than marble (you can see such a beautiful reflection in it) but requires more care. It was like $45 a square foot for the beige and green. The blue sandblasted was $100 per s.f.  My favourite was the beige.  Btw - am curious do you ever play "I'm richer than I am"? Like when you look at something that is 10 times what you can afford and say "that's exactly what I'm looking for." We do :)
Beige onyx
Aquamarine onyx - they mixed sandblasted and polished in the display
Blue onyx - but you really need onyx to be polished to appreciate IMHO

Another cool sighting was this marble that looked like hardwood flooring. Sorry if my pics aren't great - I wanted to look like a casual shopper not an eager blogger in the store.
Marble that looks like hardwood

The saleslady was really practical and told me that with onyx being the feature wall I should go for simple flooring like these basalt planks. These were 'only' $12 a square foot. Basalt is apparently stronger than granite and non-porous. Again - sorry - sunny LA as you can see
Basalt planks

 Hubs loved this glass tile - each one is rounded and has a bamboo feel.

Oh and check out these mirror mosaics. They are over a $100 sq ft!

That's it for me today. More eye candy from LA coming soon.

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  1. I'm heading to LA at the end of March, but it's a work trip and I doubt there will be any time for retail tourism :-( Looking forward to seeing more photos from your trip!