Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bathroom update

So there is good news, not so great news, and decisions:

Good news: The boiler has been replaced. Recall, this is step 1 in Operation Chimney Out! Recall that the chimney is running through the washroom and needs to come out to so that we can open up the space.

This is the old boiler and hot water tank

Interior Groupie kindly recommended her boiler person to me and he installed the following for me:

New Viesmann boiler and hot water tank
So I know the new system still looks messy with all those pipes but it does take up a lot less space. See how that platform is all clear now.  Long term this is good as we are going to be digging down the basement.

Oh and see the difference in pic resolution between old boiler and new boiler? Well the former is from my cell and the latter was taken with Hubs BB.  I've designated him official blog photographer (he really is a very good photographer) but he's not taking his responsibilities very seriously - perhaps some reader encouragement would help?  Wifely nagging is not helping.

Now the not so great news: The masonry guy went to take a look at above mentioned chimney again. He discovered a lead pipe running out of the bathroom  and into the chimney.  The pipe needs to be disconnected before he takes down the chimney. So the chimney has to wait until the bathroom demolition. Time delay + additional expense. Sigh

1) We have committed ourselves to this floor plan. Yes the vanity is smaller but it feels like a more natural layout.
2) Heating: Well this one is an almost.  I think (unless I act very quickly) I have agreed to in-floor electric heating. Yes I know I did all that radiant research but every contractor that ever came in - including HVAC guy - says the two washrooms are too small to be worth it.  So for now I've said to the contractor electric is okay but I am having second thoughts. If anyone has any opinions please let me know.

3) Fixtures: We just went to Roman Bath Centre and ordered everything yesterday.  I made one small compromise that is still nagging at me but more about all that in a separate post.

4) Tiles: We even bought and picked up 1/3 of all our tile. Progress. 

Demolition starts Tuesday!

Hope you are having a great weekend :)


  1. Looking great! If you had a good experience with your boiler guy, could you pass along his name to me as well? We installed electric floor heating in out current house and love it. I like how you can time it to turn on and off for when you want it. If you will still need a radiator in the bathrooms, you might consider a heated towel warmer. I saw them in practically every bathroom I went into in Scotland and they are glorious! Nothing like a warm fluffy towel.

    1. Keira - I'll email you later re HVAC. I think the bathrooms will be too small for the heated towel warmers but I'll wait till the framing is done to decide. Thanks